Case Studies


While her husband was still serving at sea, a woman who was living in a tent with her two sons contacted Seafarer Support.

Having been made homeless due to her landlord selling the property, the woman was unsure who to turn to for help. She had been allocated accommodation through the local authority but was in desperate need of financial assistance to help with moving costs and essential household items.

She was assigned a SSAFA caseworker and urgent requests for assistance were sent out by Seafarer Support to various maritime charities. Thanks to the generosity of the Nautilus Welfare Fund, the woman and her family received a grant to be able move into their new home and purchase essential furniture and white goods.




A young mother with 2 pre-school children contacted Seafarer Support after their father tragically died and the mother was very worried about her children’s future.

She needed urgent financial help along with assistance for clothing and white goods. Thanks to the generosity of the Sailors' Children's Society they were offered ongoing support with a monthly grant and the opportunity for holiday breaks.

Seafarers Hospital Society also provided funds for a washer/ dryer and the Guild of Benevolence of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology awarded them a generous grant.

Thanks to SSAFA caseworkers and Seafarer Support this young family have been able to access the various Merchant Navy charities and move forward with their lives.




The Seafarer Support team were contacted by a social worker, concerned about the widow of a Merchant Navy seafarer who had become severely ill due to having no central heating in her home. Our team contacted a SSAFA caseworker who was able to visit the woman and find out more about her circumstances.

Once further information had been gathered, the team contacted the Seafarers Hospital Society and Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society who kindly supplied the funding needed for essential modifications to be made to the widow’s home. She now has central heating throughout her home and new bedding, which will help to ensure that she is warm, safe, and comfortable in her home.




A seafarer who had been serving in the Merchant Navy since 1978 contacted Seafarer Support in distress as he had been signed off sick by his doctor after failing a routine medical examination. As the seafarer was off for a substantial amount of time, he was not eligible for statutory sick pay and consequently, his income had reduced to zero.

Our team was able to secure the seafarer financial assistance from the Seafarers Hospital Society and Shipwrecked Mariners Society to help support him financially so that he could focus on getting better without worrying about his financial situation.

Since seeking assistance from Seafarer Support the seafarer has recovered from his ill health and returned to work.





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