BLESMA (MN served in conflict)


Charity Number: 1084189

Contact: Blesma Chelmsford

Address: 115 New London Road, Chelmsford, 

Postcode: CM2 0QT

Phone: 0208 590 1124




Summary: Blesma, The Limbless Veterans is one of only around ten charities that exist today from the 18,000 that were born out of WWI.   

We are the only national Service charity that supports injured veterans for life, offering financial and emotional support to them and their families. Rehabilitation, advocacy, counselling and care are the foundations of what we do. Just as we are still caring for our World War II veterans, we also look after younger generations who have survived complex trauma injury in recent conflicts.

Blesma is a unique association of 3,022 Members with a defining commitment to help them live independent and fulfilling lives after suffering the loss of limbs, use of limbs, sight, speech or hearing. Blesma works tirelessly to provide practical, emotional and financial support to injured veterans and their families and widows as they rebuild their lives. 

If you have served in the British Armed Forces and have suffered life changing injury, either during or after your service you may be eligible for Blesma Membership. 

Your injury does not need to have been sustained during combat, it could have happened during a training exercise or have been due to an accident or illness.




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