Mersey Mission to Seafarers



Charity Number: 220793

Contact: John P Wilson

Address: Liverpool Seafarers Centre, 20 Crosby Road South,  Liverpool

Postcode: L22 1RQ

Phone: 0300 800 8085




Summary: The charity aims to meet the spiritual, social and welfare needs of seafarers (serving or retired) and their families ashore or afloat throughout Merseyside, of any nationality, through the Liverpool Seafarer's Centre (LSC). 

LSC undertakes a wide variety of practical, emotional and spiritual work. For example, it often steps in when there are ‘major life events’ such as a family bereavement, trauma, marriage, divorce or birth of a child. It acts as a go-between and can talk to the ship management company if there are problems to ensure seafarers are being properly cared for. On a practical level it provides a variety of support including access to WIFI,  currency exchange and a physical base on land where crew can take shore leave. 



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