Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation



Charity Number: 1153323

Contact: RMNEF

Address: 1a Charnham Lane, Hungerford, Berkshire

Postcode: RG17 0EY

Phone: 01488 567 890 




Summary: The Foundation's objective is to afford charitable benefit and relief to Foundationers (beneficiaries) by providing for or towards their maintenance and education and to assist them in training for and taking up employment. "Foundationers" means the children and young people who are in need and are the natural or adopted children or other legal dependants of a person who has served or is serving at sea in the Merchant Navy or Fishing Fleet or the Royal National Lifeboat Institution provided that priority may be given to Foundationers who are British or have at least one British parent. A person "serving at sea in the Merchant Navy" means any seafarer working in any capacity aboard a merchant vessel which includes but is not limited to passenger liners, ferries, container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, break bulk and refrigerated cargo ships, Royal Fleet Auxiliaries (or their equivalent), coasters, specialist ships (e.g. RNLI lifeboats, deep sea tugs, salvage vessels, oil support vessels, lighthouse tenders etc), luxury or charter yachts. A person "serving at sea in the "Fishing Fleet" means any seafarer working in any capacity aboard inshore or deep sea fishing vessels. A person "serving at sea in the Royal National Lifeboat Institution" means any crew-member of a lifeboat operated by this Institution.  

Note/Restrictions: To be considered for support, potential beneficiaries must be needy AND one or other of their parents must have served at sea in the Merchant Navy AND this parent must be unable to provide fully for their education, maintenance and upbringing. If the Foundation can’t help you, they may be able to put you in touch with another Charity that may. Parents should note that, in common with other educational charities, the Foundation will not support applications based on a parent’s dislike of the local State-school.


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