Nautilus Welfare Fund

 Charity Number: 218742

Contact: Mick Howarth

Address: Trinity House Hub, 21 Webster Avenue, Mariners Park, Wallasey, Merseyside

Postcode: CH44 0AE

Phone: 0151 346 8840


Email: Contact us


Summary:  The Charity also provides one off grants for essential items and household repairs.

Retired Mariners in Merseyside, Hull, Southampton/Portsmouth and Glasgow can also benefit from the Charity’s free Caseworker service, which provides support to claim welfare benefits and grants, as well as providing advice and information on housing, health and social care support.

Note/Restrictions: Applicants or their spouse/partner should have had a career in the Merchant Navy at any rank. For more information about any of the above services please contact our Wallasey Office.



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